DVD Collections

Borrowing Rules


See our Borrowing Rules for information on DVD loan periods and limits.

Placing a Hold on a DVD


If the DVD you need is checked out, you may use the Library Catalog to place a hold on it.

Need a DVD We Don't Own?


  • Unfortunately, we will never own every film you may need to view for your research. We can try to borrow DVDs the Library does not own from other libraries through our interlibrary loan service.
  • DVDs must be for classroom use or research purposes only.

Copyright Notice


You may view films and videos in your home or dorm room for personal recreation or research. Possession of a film or video does not confer the right to show the work in public. Education use is permitted, however. The Copyright Act of 1976 and portions of the House of Representatives Report (94-1476) provide some conditions under which films or videos can be shown:

  • They must be shown only to students and educators as part of an instructional program.
  • They must be shown either in a classroom or other school location devoted to instruction.
  • They must be shown either in a face-to-face setting or where students and instructors are in the same building or general area.
  • They must be shown using a legitimate (that is, not illegally reproduced) copy, with the copyright notice included.

The relationship between the film or video and the course must be explicit. Films or videos, even in a "face-to-face" classroom setting, may not be used for entertainment or recreation.

* Note: This text is derived from Wellesley College: http://www.wellesley.edu/Library/copyright.html#films

About the DVD Collections


  • The Library has Educational and Recreational DVD Collections. The Educational Collection is on the second floor by the stairs. The Recreational Collection on the first floor (turn right when you enter the Library).
  • You may browse the collections in person or online. All of the Library's DVDs are listed in the Library Catalog.