SBRnet Introduces Brand Share-of-Market Analytics

  • February 22, 2016

One of the most important considerations facing sports sponsors is how well their brand is already accepted by sports fans, which is reflected by a brand's share of market (e.g., a particular brand's percentage of all users among fans of a specific sport category). The degree of a brand's share of market not only dictates the marketer's overall strategy when deciding whether to sponsor a sport altogether; it also strongly influences their choice of broadcast, social and print media used to activate a sponsorship.

With this in mind, SBRnet recently added Brand Share-of-Market reports for 15 leading consumer product categories frequently involved in sport sponsorship:

Automobile Insurance
Basketball Shoes
Brokerage Services
Car Rental Agencies
Cell Phones
Cell Phone Communication Services
Credit Cards
Cross Training/Fitness Shoes
Energy Drinks
Running/Jogging Shoes
Soft Drinks
Sports Drinks
Tablet Computers

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