Recent Faculty Publications

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Craig RiveraDr. Timothy Lauger of the Criminology & Criminal Justice Department co-authored the article The Protective Effects of Religious Group Membership, Service Attendance, and Scripture Reading on Binge Drinking among College Students in Pastoral Psychology.

College of Business Administration

Dr. Krieg Tideman, Assistant Professor of Economics, authored a book review about Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline, which was published in the International Journal of Development and Conflict.

Dr. Madhurima (Rima) Bhattacharyay, Assistant Professor of Management, co-authored Inequality, Poverty Reduction, and Quality of Development in China and India: Lessons Learned, in the International Journal of Development and Conflict, with a colleague from another institution.

College of Education

Dr. Zuhra Abawi, Assistant Professor of Education, authored Privileging Power: Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, and Racial Socialization in Full-Day Kindergarten in .Journal of Childhood Studies.