Recent Faculty Publications

  • August 5, 2020

Dr. Jim Kling, associate professor of management, co-authored From Farm to Cup: A Coffee Supply Chain Negotiation Role‐Play in Decision Sciences: Journal of Innovative Education with a colleague from another institution. 

Dr. Kristine Principe, associate professor of finance and economics, and Dr. Ann Rensel, associate professor of management, published "Learning While Testing; Using the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique in Core Business Courses" in Journal on Excellence in College Teaching. Here is the abstract:

"Research indicates that students don't fully utilize instructor feedback. The immediate feedback assessment technique (IF AT, Epstein Educational Enterprise, Inc.) is a testing system that promotes student engagement with immediate feedback during an exam. With IF-AT, students use an answer sheet resembling a lottery scratch-off ticket, repeatedly attempting a question until a "*," indicating the correct answer, is revealed. The authors find evidence of learning for both introductory and upper-level core business courses, with the percentage correct on the students' second attempt differing from results reflecting random guessing. Their results further indicate that this method is especially beneficial for lower-performing students."