Recent Faculty Publications

Note: Some articles may require your PurplePass login if accessing them from off-campus. Some articles are available in full-text, and some may only be available as a citation or abstract.

College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Sevsem Cicek-Okay, Assistant Professor of Sociology, has co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. The Perceived Challenges of Resettlement among Syrian Refugees in the United States has been published in Journal of Social Service Research.

Dr. David Peterson, Assistant Professor of Theatre History, has authored an article. ‘It isn’t desolate because you are here’: Lorraine Hansberry’s comedy in Raisin in the Sun and ‘The Arrival of Mr. Todog’ has been published in Comedy Studies.

Dr. Talia Zajac
, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, has authored a book chapter. “The World of the Early Capetian Court: 987–1180” is chapter five in Routledge Handbook of French History. A print copy of the book is available to borrow at NU Library and can be found on our New Book Display on the main floor.

College of Business Administration

Dr. Peggy Choong and Dr. Paul Richardson, Professors of Marketing, co-authored an article. Strategic Usability and Response in Ecommerce Marketing: A Framework and Investigation was published in The Journal of Applied Business and Economics.

College of Education

Dr. Derron Hilts, Assistant Professor of Education, has co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. Ecological Barriers to Comprehensive School Counseling Program Implementation was published in Journal of School-Based Counseling Policy and Evaluation Counseling Policy and Evaluation.

College of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management

Dr. Chang Huh, Professor in the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, has co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. International tourists' perceptions of Myanmar as a tourist destination in the crisis: A comparative study among three continents has been published in International Journal of Tourism Research.