Recent Faculty Publications

Note: Some articles may require your PurplePass login if accessing them from off-campus. Some articles are available in full-text, and some may only be available as a citation or abstract.

College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. John P. Sauter, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, co-authored a book chapter, with colleagues from other institutions. "Technology as a Tool for Advisor Development" is chapter 11 in Comprehensive Advisor Training and Development. The book is available in print at NU Library.

Dr. Gary Schaffer, Professor of School Psychology & Counseling, co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. Perspectives of Practicing School Psychologists During COVID-19: A Multi-country, Mixed Methods Investigation (full-text) was published in School Psychology International.

Dr. Doug Tewksbury, Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies, has authored an article. Performing Capitalist Desire: The Odd History of Industrial Musicals (full-text) was published in The Journal of American Culture.

College of Business Administration

Dr. Kilho Shin, Assistant Professor of Management, has co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. Effective Firm Alignment with SIGEL Crises: The Temporal Mindsets of Decision Makers (abstract) has been published in the Journal of Management Studies.

College of Education

Dr. Caitlin Riegel. Assistant Professor of Education, has published a conference proceeding. Developing Teachers Online: Challenges and Advantages to Virtual Education Courses (abstract) appears in Proceedings of SITE Interactive Conference.

Dr. Zuhra Abawi, Assistant Professor of Education, has authored a book chapter. Decolonising Early Childhood Curricula: A Canadian Perspective (abstract) appears in the book Decolonising Curriculum Knowledge.