Recent Faculty Publications

Note: Some articles may require your PurplePass login if accessing them from off-campus. Some articles are available in full-text, and some may only be available as a citation or abstract.

College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Michael Cassidy, Assistant Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. Modeling Shifts in Community Corrections Populations following COVID-19: Evidence from a Midwest Metropolitan Area (abstract) was published in Corrections.

Dr. Mark Gallo, Professor of Biology, has co-authored a book chapter with colleagues from other institutions. Early Biofilm Accumulation in Freshwater Environments on Different Types of Plastic (Google Books preview) is Chapter 4 in the book Assessing the Microbiological Health of Ecosystems.

Dr. Dana Radatz, Associate Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, has co-authored an article with a colleague from another institution. A Practical Guide to the Criminology and Criminal Justice Job Market for Doctoral Candidates: Pre-Market Preparation through Offers and Negotiations (full-text) was published in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Dr. Carrie Teresa, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies, has authored a book review. Journalism and Jim Crow: White Supremacy and the Black Struggle for a New America (full-text) was published in Mass Communication and Society.

Dr. Dariush Zadeh, Professor of Chemistry, has authored an article. Atomic Excited States and The Related Energy Levels was published in the Journal of Molecular Modeling.

College of Education

Dr. Patricia Briscoe, Assistant Professor and coordinator for the Masters of Educational Leadership program, has co-edited a journal issue. This Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy is titled Pivotal leadership during a pandemic: Impacts on educational administration and educational policy in Canada.

Dr. Briscoe has also co-authored an article in this issue, with a colleague from another institution: Turning Leadership Upside-Down and Outside-In During the COVID-19 Pandemic (full-text).

Dr. Dennis Garland, Assistant Professor of Education, has authored an article. Individualized Clinical Coaching with bug-in-ear: Enhancing Fidelity of Implementation of Behavior specific Praise Among Novice Teachers of Students with Developmental Disabilities in Rural Classrooms (full-text) was published in the Journal of Inquiry and Action in Education.