Recent Faculty Publications

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College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Kenneth R. Culton, Associate Professor of Sociology, and Chairperson of Sociology Department, has authored an article. Shifting Identifications among Religious and Non-Religious Emerging Adults at a Northeastern U.S. Mainstream Denominational College (full-text) has been published in Religious Education.

Dr. Shannon Dowd, Assistant Professor of Spanish, has authored an article. The Olson Affair: Charles Olson, Heriberto Yépez, and Poetry in Translation (citation) has been published in Romance Notes.

Dr. Joel Louwsma, Associate Professor of Mathematics, has co-authored an article with a colleague from another institution. Critical Groups of Arithmetical Structures Under a Generalized Star-Clique Operation (full-text) has been published in arXiv.

College of Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management

Dr. Patrick Tutka, Associate Professor & Director of graduate program in sport management, has authored an article. The Early Synecdochical Anchors of College Football: Fields and Facilities 1869–1903 (abstract) was published in the May 2022 issue of Sport History Review.

College of Education

Dr. Gary E. Schaffer, Professor of School Psychology & Counseling, has co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutuions. An Initial Evaluation of the Helping Students at Risk for Suicide Professional Development Workshop (full-text) was published in School Psychology Review.