Recent Faculty Publications

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College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Virginia Glazier, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology, has authored an article. EFG1, Everyone’s Favorite Gene in Candida albicans: A Comprehensive Literature Review (full-text) was published in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Mcrobiology.

College of Business Administration

Dr. Galina Boiarintseva, Assistant Professor of Management, has co-authored an article with colleagues from another institution. Definitions of Work-Life Balance in Childfree Dual-Career Couples: An Inductive Typology (citation) was published in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal.

College of Education

Dr. Carol Doyle-Jones, Assistant Professor of Education, co-authored an article with a colleague from another institution. Faculty Co-Teaching with Their Teacher Candidates in the Field: Co-Planning, Co-Instructing, and Co-Reflecting for STEM Education Teacher Preparation (full-text) was published in The Teacher Educator.

Dr. Patricia Briscoe, Associate Professor of Education, has authored an article based on her research that was funded by NU's Vincentian Poverty Grant. This grant supports research and service projects that will broaden our understanding of poverty, both its causes and innovative ways to counter it. . Enhancing Teaching Quality as an Agent of Change: An Account of a Yearlong Literacy Project in a Primary School in the Dominican Republic (full-text) was published in the Journal of Education and Culture Studies.

College of Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management

Dr. Youngsoo Choi, Associate Professor of Hospitality & Restaurant Management, co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. Managing the Restaurant Experience: Re-specifying the Role of Food, Interaction, and Atmosphere as Contributors to the Optimal Flow Experience (full-text) was published in the Journal of Foodservice Business Research.