Recent Faculty Publications

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College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Wen Feng, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, has co-authored an article with colleagues from another institution. On the Barashenkov-Bogdan-Zhanlav Solitons and Their Stability (abstract) was published in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals.

Dr. Virginia E. Glazier, Assistant Professor of Biology, has co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. Systematic Genetic Interaction Analysis Identifies a Transcription Factor Circuit Required for Oropharyngeal Candidiasis (full-text) was published in mBio.

Dr. Joseph Little, Associate Professor of English, has authored a chapter in an edited collection. "Rhetoric and Mathematics in the Saturnian Account of Atomic Spectra" appears in the book Arguing with Numbers: The Intersections of Rhetoric and Mathematics, published by Penn State University Press.

College of Education

Dr. Patricia Briscoe, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, has authored an article. Conceptualizing Leadership in Communities in the Global South Experiencing Generational Poverty (full-text) was published in the Journal of Leadership Education.