Recent Faculty Publications

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College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Talia Harmon, Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, & Dr. David Taylor, Associate Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, have co-authored an article with a colleague from another institution. The Impact of Teacher Method of Delivery and the Marshall Hypothesis (full-text) was published in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Dr. Milen Radell, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Burt Thompson, Professor and Chair of Psychology, have co-authored an article. Acceptance of Anomalous Research Findings: Explaining Treatment Implausibility Reduces Belief in Far-Fetched Results (full-text) was published in Brain, Cognition and Mental Health.

Dr. Doug Tewksbury, Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies, has authored an article. Petro-Nostalgia and the Politics of Yellow Vests Canada (abstract) was published in CJC, the Canadian Journal of Communication.

Dr. Shannon Dowd, Assistant Professor of Spanish, has authored an article. Interregnum and Pharmacology: Hernán Ronsino's Pampas Trilogy (abstract) was published in Revista Hispánica Moderna.

Dr. Timothy Osberg, Professor of Psychology, has co-authored an article with a colleague from another institution. Partying During a Pandemic: Role of Descriptive Partying Norms, Residence, College Alcohol Beliefs, and Political Ideology in COVID-19 Party Behavior (abstract) was published in the Journal of American College Health.

College of Education

Two NU faculty members and two NU students have co-authored an article, along with a colleague from another institution, which was published in Excelsior: Leadership in Teaching and LearningThink-Pair-Share as a Springboard for Study Buddies in a Virtual Environment (full-text) was co-authored by Dr. Paul Vermette, Professor of Education, Dr. Mary Ellen Bardsley, Associate Dean, Early Childhood and Childhood Education Department, Philip J. Sembert II, Teacher Candidate, and Carolyn Snell, teacher candidate.