Recent Faculty Publications

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College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Abigail Levin, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, authored the article Biopolitics in the National Parks: The Life and Death of Cecil the Lion (citation). This article was published in Society & Animals: Journal of Human-Animal Studies.

Dr. James Delaney, Professor of Philosophy, co-authored an article with a colleague from another institution. On the Ranking of Teams (full-text) was published in Philosophia.

Dr. Daniel Pinti, Professor of English, authored the article Panelling Without Walls: Narrating the Border in Barrier (citation). It was published in Studies in Comics.

Three faculty members from NU's Computer & Information Sciences department co-authored a conference paper: Dr. Suzanne C. Wagner, Professor; Dr. Petter Lovaas, Associate Professor; and Sheryl Garippo, Instructor. Their paper, Class Time of Day: Impact on Academic Performance (citation), was published in the book Advances in Software Engineering, Education, and e-Learning.

College of Education

Gary Schaffer, Professor of School Psychology & Counseling, co-authored an article with colleagues from other institutions. The practices of psychologists working in schools during COVID-19: A multi-country investigation (full-text) was published in School Psychology.