Recent Faculty Publications

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Susan Mason, Professor of Psychology, and Abbie Hibsch, NU alumnus, co-authored The New Age of Creative Expression: The Effect of Blogging on Emotional Well-Being, based on the latter's Honors Thesis.

Dr. Milen Radell, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Donna Fisher-Thompson, Professor of Psychology, and Brian McGuire, NU Graduate and current MBA student, co-authored the article First trial outcome but not training difficulty predicts performance in goldfish visual discrimination.

Dr. Burt Thompson, Professor and Chair of Psychology, and Dr. Milen Radell, Assistant Professor of Psychology, co-authored an article with NU alumni Amanda Garry and John Taylor: Is One Study as Good as Three? College Graduates Seem to Think So, Even if They Took Statistics Classes.

Tara Walker, Adjunct Faculty of Art History, and Senior Manager of Marketing & Museum Public Relations at CAM, has authored a book chapter. Titled "All Are Welcome: The Museum as a Stage for Community Dialogue,” it can be found in the book Finding History Where You Least Expect It: Site-Based Strategies for Teaching About The Past.

Dr. Rolanda L. Ward, Associate Professor of Social Work, authored A Little More Supervision Won’t Hurt: Group Work as a Supplemental Supervision Method at the Bachelor’s Level, with a colleague from another institution.