New Nursing/Medical Database: UpToDate

  • June 28, 2022

NU Library has added a new resource for nursing and medical information. UpToDate is a collection of reference articles on Adult Primary Care and Internal Medicine, written by physicians and other experts. It's a great resource for clinical decision support, with information based on the latest evidence. You can find it on our Databases A-Z page.

Finding Information

In UpToDate, you can search conditions/treatments or browse by specialty.

Searching: A search for non-hodgkin lymphoma brings up articles about clinical presentation, treatments, and more.

Browsing: Click on Contents, then Topics by Specialty to browse for information. Clicking on Oncology brings up these subtopics which lead to specific articles:

Accessing UpToDate

Accessing UpToDate works a little differently than our other databases. When you click on the name in our Databases A-Z page, you'll need to login with your PurplePass account each time, regardless of whether you're on-campus or off-campus.

The first time you use UpToDate, you'll also need to create a free account, which will then be connected to your PurplePass account. So the next time you use this database, after you login with PurplePass, you'll be automatically logged into your UpToDate account too. See the video below for a demonstration on using UpToDate for the first time.

Mobile App

UpToDate also has a mobile app for Android and iOS, which makes it easy to use at the point of care. You'll need to use the web version first to set up your UpToDate account, and you'll use that to login to the app from any location.

Video Demonstration

This video from our YouTube channel shows how to access the database, set up your account, find information, and set up the mobile app.