Library Director Responds to Patron Suggestions

  • November 30, 2012

We need more computers.

 We just added 20 more with the recent opening of a computer lab in the basement.

When getting a journal article, is there a way to make sure we get the pristine PDF (from JSTOR-type sources) instead of scanned copies that are sometimes sloppy and hard to read?

This can indeed be a problem. Sorry to say we don’t control what is happening at the Library sending a copy to us. We sometimes will catch poor copying and ask a Library to resend, but that delays delivery. We are also purchasing articles more often directly from publishers, which results in  pristine copies.

Faster book delivery.

This is a goal of ours, too. We purchase most books you ask for because we can get them in two days, which is quicker than traditional Interlibrary Loan.

Max out electronic subscriptions via JSTOR, EbscoHost, MLA online, etc.

We are working on this, too. For example, we are about to sign a contract with Taylor and Francis, which will provide access to more than 1,000 additional journals. And just this last year we added more than 100,000 additional electronic books to our collection.

More of the booth-style study units would be great! (Second floor has a couple.)

We added two more last month. It’s slow going because the cost of booths is high. But we agree—we need more.

One suggestion - could we have Cabell's for all disciplines online?

The challenge here is the cost for a niche database. We do offer a service where we do research for faculty on journals, and we even travel to larger libraries to do so.

I do go to the Library often during the week and make use of quiet space. One thing I would improve is making the space more inviting to students, which would possibly include updating the space. possibly painting the walls so they are not so boring and updating the layout.

A renovation plan is in development.

Need coffee access.

A coffee bar has been included in renovation plans.

I think the Library should update their software on the computers. The computer lab has programs like SPSS and Visual Studios for the current year. But the Library has older versions (as much as 3 years older) and I can only to my stats and cis homework in the computer lab. This isn't very convenient because now I have to either wait until after 10 pm or before 7am to get into the computer lab. I am a commuter with a full time job, so staying on campus or coming in before 7am is way too inconvenient for me.

We forwarded this suggestion to the Information Technology Department.

To improve the library - give the Vinnie's 24-hour lab back their computers and keep the same library hours. It is more efficient getting things done in Vinnie’s than the library. People are noisy, disrespectful and annoying in the library when you are trying to get work done.

I will forward your suggestion to the Information Technology Department. There are some quieter, more traditional computer areas on the basement level,  and all the group study rooms have computers in them - and those rooms are quieter.

24-hour service... we are in SERIOUS need of a 24 hour lab complete with printing.

I think there needs to be a stapler downstairs near the printer in the basement.  I know there are a bunch on the first floor, but none downstairs.  Thank you for adding more computers, I think the new computer lab is a great idea especially for holding classes.

A stapler has been ordered. We are working toward keeping the main floor of the Library open 24 hours. For now, Vinnie’s 105 is the Overnight Lab. It has a printer.