Introducing the Library of Things

  • August 23, 2022

NU Library has always been about more than just books. But now we have even more items to borrow, through our Library of Things. It's a collection of tools, technology and other items that you can borrow either for help with a school project, or just your own personal use.

You can find all the items on our LoT page at . They are divided into categories, which are listed below along with some examples of what's available:

  • Learning & Fun (handheld dry-erase boards, LCD microscope, display easel)
  • Tools (clothing steamer, bicycle pump, extension cord)
  • Technology (wifi projector, webcam, ring light)
  • Outdoor Activities (basketball, horseshoe game, binoculars)
  • Indoor Activities (board games)
  • Event & Party Items (bluetooth speaker, folding table, music keyboard)
  • Wellness (yoga mat, light therapy lamp, white noise machine)

From the LoT page, you can click on an item to place it on hold, but that's not required. Borrowing an item is as easy as walking up to our Service Desk on the main floor and asking for it. ("I'd like to borrow the binoculars.")