Dr. Elizabeth Brown's Recent Publications

  • August 21, 2012

Dr. Elizabeth K. Brown, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, published the following articles during the last academic year: 

Brown, Elizabeth K. (2012) ³Rethinking public opinion in penal policymaking: Recommendations for research.² Sociology Compass 6(8): 601-613.

Brown, Elizabeth K. (2012; online first) ³Foreclosing on incarceration? State correctional policy enactments and the Great Recession.² Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Brown, Elizabeth K. (2011) ³Constructing the public will: How political actors in New York State construct, assess, and use public opinion in penal policymaking.² Punishment & Society 14(4): 424-450.

Worden, Alissa P., Davies, Andrew L. B., Brown, Elizabeth, K. (2011) ³A patchwork of policies: Justice, due process, and public defense across American states.² Albany Law Review, 74 Alb. L. Rev. 1423.