Dr. Ireland Publishes Articles

  • March 10, 2014

Dr. Tim Ireland, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, published the following 2013 articles with colleagues from other institutions:

Thornberry, Terence, P., Matsuda, Mauri, Greenman, Sarah, J., Bears Augustyn, Megan, Henry, Kimberly, L., Smith, Carolyn, A., & Ireland, Timothy, O. Adolescent Risk Factors for Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse & Neglect (Available online 24 September 2013).

Thornberry, Terence .P., Henry, Kimberly L., Smith, Carolyn A., Ireland, Timothy O., Greenman, Sara J. and Lee, Rosalyn D. (2013). Breaking the cycle of maltreatment: The role of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships. Journal of Adolescent Health. 53: S25-S31.

Smith, Carolyn A., Park, AeLy, Ireland, Timothy O., Elwyn, Laura & Thornberry, Terence P. (2013) Long-term outcomes of young adults exposed to maltreatment: The role of educational experiences in promoting resilience to crime, and violence in early adulthood. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 28: 121-156.