Dr. Gredel-Manuele Publishes Article

  • October 13, 2017

Dr. Zdenka Gredel-Manuele, professor of history, published "The Historian's Craft and the Politics of Contemporary History in Germany" in the Chung Hsing Journal of the Humanities. Here is the abstract:

"The study of contemporary history, which was labeled Zeitgeschichte, has received an important status which it lacked in past German historiography. The questionable role of historians during the Nazi period placed an onus on them and necessitated a reassessment of their craft. A major role was taken by the Institut fũr Zeitgeschichte in Munich, which was established in 1950. While the institute emphasized the topic of National Socialism, its prime objective was the collection and study of the documents of the period in the West. It is of great importance to review its expansion and the establishment of similar research centers throughout Germany until today. The research topics were also expanded and now include documentations dealing with the German Democratic Republic. In addition, publications are readily available shedding light on specific research activities. This study reviews the established centers and available journals. In addition, it reviews the availability of the dissemination of historical data which has been conditioned by the technological revolution. Web portals, archival banks and on-line catalogues are just a few of the tools available to present-day scholars dealing with German contemporary history. This will be examined in detail. In addition, the creation of research centers has also been established outside of Germany, for example in London and in the United States. The recognition of this discipline at universities today, as well as the dissemination of sources enabled by technology, has made Zeitgeschichte an important scholarly, as well as a political venue, for historians."