Dr. Cliff and Colleagues Publish Article

  • August 3, 2016

Dr. William Cliff, professor of biology and the John J. Hughes, ’67, M.D., Endowed Program Director of Pre-Professional Health, published "A Conceptual Framework for Homeostasis: Development and Validation" in Advances in Physiology Education with several colleagues from other institutions. 

Here is the abstract: 

"We have developed and validated a conceptual framework for understanding and teaching organismal homeostasis at the undergraduate level. The resulting homeostasis conceptual framework details critical components and constituent ideas underlying the concept of homeostasis. It has been validated by a broad range of physiology faculty members from community colleges, primarily undergraduate institutions, research universities, and medical schools. In online surveys, faculty members confirmed the relevance of each item in the framework for undergraduate physiology and rated the importance and difficulty of each. The homeostasis conceptual framework was constructed as a guide for teaching and learning of this critical core concept in physiology, and it also paves the way for the development of a concept inventory for homeostasis."