Dr. Walsh Publishes Novel

  • March 19, 2021

Dr. Michael Walsh, Adjunct Professor in Philosophy, has published a novel: Time Starts Now. It is available to borrow from NU Library, and can be found in our Recreational Reading collection on the main floor.

A brief summary:

Professor Cal Sutherland's research on the philosophy of time and time travel elicits only snide remarks from fellow philosophers and rejection notices from journals. Even Cal would admit that time travelers probably aren't real--until he encounters one, Dr. Lionel Bradshaw, inside his neighbor's burning house. Cal accompanies Lionel on a trip back in time to retrieve a rare set of tumblers, and Cal happily lives out what had formerly been a mere thought experiment. But when a 23 year-old murder threatens the secrecy of the time machine in the present day, the only one who can help is the murdered woman herself--still very much alive somewhere in the past