Dr. Tewksbury Publishes Article

Dr. Doug Tewksbury, associate professor of communication studies, published "Digital Solidarity, Analog Mobilization: An Ethnography of the Technology-Embedded Protest Networks of the Québec Student Strike" in Canadian Journal of Communication.

Here is the abstract:

"This article presents the results of an ethnographic study of the online and offline communities participating in the “Maple Spring” student strike in Québec as a case study for theorizing the trajectory of the technology-embedded social movement. Analyzing data collected during field visits that include over 50 interviews with participants, community organizers, union representatives, community-media producers, and activists, this article argues that it is the practices of online-offline sharing, belonging, strategizing, and affectively being together that allowed for a hybridized practice of social movements to translate into concrete direct democratic action. The social and mobile media uses of the Québec student-strike participants suggest that the strategy of using mediated exchanges in order to both build community belonging and share information/knowledge can be effective in mobilizing boots-on-the-ground actions as a means of democratic participation and social change for today’s hybridized social movements and direct actions."