Dr. Osberg and NU Alumna Publish Article

  • February 9, 2018

Dr. Timothy Osberg, professor of psychology, published "College Alcohol Beliefs and Drinking Consequences: A Multiple Mediation Analysis of Norms, Expectancies, and Willingness to Experience Drinking Consequences" in Journal of American College Health with Niagara University alumna Amber Boyer. Amber received her BA in psychology in 2015 and her masters in clinical mental health counseling in 2017. She also worked in the Library as a graduate assistant in the user education department. 

Here is the article's abstract:

"Objective: We explored the potential mediating role of willingness to experience drinking consequences and other traditional alcohol outcome predictors (descriptive norms, injunctive norms, positive alcohol expectancies) in explaining the association between college alcohol beliefs 1 (CABs) and the actual experience of drinking consequences among college students. Participants: The sample consisted of 415 college students tested in October 2014. Methods: Participants responded to an online survey. Results: When compared to both types of norms and positive alcohol expectancies, CABs demonstrated the strongest associations to both willingness to experience drinking consequences and actual drinking consequences among college students. A multiple mediation analysis revealed that the impact of CABs on students' actual drinking consequences was mediated only through their willingness to experience drinking consequences. Conclusions: Students' college alcohol beliefs and their corresponding willingness to experience drinking consequences should be targeted in prevention and intervention programs designed to address the problem of college student drinking."