Dr. Foote Co-Authors Article

  • June 7, 2018

Dr. Chandra Foote, Dean of the College of Education, co-authored Exploring the Influence of Accomplished Teachers’ Video and Commentary Pairing on Teacher Candidates’ Noticing and Thinking about Practice in Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. Here is the abstract:

"Teacher preparation programs are facing increased demands to link pre-service teachers to expert teachers. Literature has highlighted that utilizing accomplished teacher videos has the potential to buttress pre-service teachers’ professional learning. Over the last decade, several platforms have been developed that offer expert teacher videos and provide windows into expert practice. In general, though, the current video-based systems are limited because they do not shed light on the teacher’s thinking, planning, analysis, and reflection from the accompanying video. This article examines the efficacy of a platform that brings forward accomplished teachers’ thinking alongside their videos. The empirical evidence from this study indicated that, from the pre-service teachers’ perspective, the pairing of video and commentary helped them unpack the complexities of decision-making that accomplished teachers engage in when they plan, teach, and reflect on practice."