Donate Your Books to the Library's Used Book Sale

  • June 28, 2011

The Library is soliciting donations for a used book sale in late July. We have quite a few books already but need more to make it worthwhile.

There are two ways to donate:

  1. If you have a single box or bag, drop the books off at the Circulation Desk, and indicate your name and address on a piece of paper that you place in the box or bag.
  2. For larger donations, you can drive to the Library's loading dock to drop your books off. Please contact Library Director David Schoen at for more information about that option.

After we process your donation, you will receive a letter from us indicating the number of books you donated, which you can use for tax deduction purposes. Also, all donors will be invited to a one-day preview sale prior to it being opened to the general public.

Thank you!