COAS Faculty Research News

Dr. Radell Co-Authors Article

Dr. Milen Radell, visiting professor in the department of psychology, co-authored Benefits of Fading in Perceptual Learning are Driven by More Than Dimensional Attention in PLoS One with colleagues from other institutions. Here is the abstract:"Individuals learn to classify percepts effectively... read on →

Dr. Delaney Contributes Book Chapter

Dr. James Delaney, professor of philosophy, published the chapter "Is Presumed Consent a Morally Permissible Policy for Organ Donation?" in the Springer book Contemporary Controversies in Catholic Bioethics. Here is the abstract:"The Catholic position on organ donation rests on several important... read on →

Dr. Kot Publishes Article

Dr. Paula Kot, associate professor of English, published "Who Will Reign and Who Will Serve: Domesticating the Self in Elizabeth Stoddard’s The Morgesons" in the July 2017 issue of The CEA Critic. Here is the abstract:"The biological inheritance captured in the beautiful “Pickersgill hand”... read on →

Dr. Cassidy Co-Authors Article

Dr. Michael Cassidy, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice, co-authored Punishing the Wicked: Examining the Correlates of Sentence Severity for Convicted Sex Offenders in Journal of Quantitative Criminology with colleagues from other institutions.  read on →

Dr. Cliff Publishes Article With Colleagues

Dr. William Cliff, professor of biology, recently published Development and Validation of the Homeostasis Concept Inventory in CBE—Life Sciences Education (LSE) with colleagues from other institutions.  read on →

Dr. Boxer Publishes Paper

Dr. Laurence Boxer, professor of computer & information sciences, recently published Shy Maps in Topology in arXiv. read on →

Dr. Cliff Co-Authors Book

Dr. William Cliff, professor of biology, co-authored The Core Concepts of Physiology: A New Paradigm for Teaching Physiology, a book published on behalf of the American Physiological Society by Springer, with four colleagues from other institutions.  read on →

Dr. Little Publishes Book

Dr. Joseph Little, associate professor of English, just published Letters From the Other Side of Silence, a spiritual memoir about his search for a meaningful life.  read on →

Three New Faculty Publications by Drs. Tewksbury and Tsekanovskii

Dr. Doug Tewksbury, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, and Dr. Eduard Tsekanovskii, Professor of Mathematics, recently published the following articles:Tewksbury, D. (2012). Crowdsourcing Homeland Security: The Texas Virtual BorderWatch and Participatory Citizenship. Surveillance &... read on →