COAS Faculty Research News

Dr. Boxer Publishes Paper

Dr. Laurence Boxer, professor of computer & information sciences, recently published Shy Maps in Topology in arXiv. read on →

Dr. Cliff Co-Authors Book

Dr. William Cliff, professor of biology, co-authored The Core Concepts of Physiology: A New Paradigm for Teaching Physiology, a book published on behalf of the American Physiological Society by Springer, with four colleagues from other institutions.  read on →

Dr. Little Publishes Book

Dr. Joseph Little, associate professor of English, just published Letters From the Other Side of Silence, a spiritual memoir about his search for a meaningful life.  read on →

Three New Faculty Publications by Drs. Tewksbury and Tsekanovskii

Dr. Doug Tewksbury, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, and Dr. Eduard Tsekanovskii, Professor of Mathematics, recently published the following articles:Tewksbury, D. (2012). Crowdsourcing Homeland Security: The Texas Virtual BorderWatch and Participatory Citizenship. Surveillance &... read on →