COAS Faculty Research News

Dr. Stranges and Alumni Publish Article

Dr. John B. Stranges, University Professor, and two former NU students, Matthew Troia and Claudette Walck, have published an article entitled “Limited Victory: Love Canal Reclaimed” in ICON: The Journal of the International Committee For The History of Technology, 23 (2017): 55-82. read on →

Nanette Harmon Publishes Article

Nanette Harmon, director of ASL and deaf studies and modern languages faculty fellow, published Saying Goodbye to Sound in The Hearing Journal. read on →

Dr. Radell Co-Authors Article

Dr. Milen Radell, visiting professor of psychology, co-authored Intolerance of Uncertainty and Conditioned Place Preference in Opioid Addiction in PeerJ with colleagues from other institutions.  read on →

Dr. Carr Publishes Article

Dr. Jamie Carr, associate professor of English, published "Colonel Peter A. Porter and the Emersons" in Western New York Heritage. Here is the abstract:"When Peter A. Porter died in 1864, many suggested an elegy he penned for a close friend could, indeed, be applied to himself. The mention of a... read on →

Dr. Tewksbury Publishes Article

Dr. Doug Tewksbury, associate professor of communication studies, published  Networking #Ferguson: An Ethnographic Study of Ferguson Protesters’ Online-Offline Community Mobilization in Democratic Communique.Here is the abstract: "This paper presents the results of a qualitative, ethnographic... read on →

Dr. Petersen Publishes Article

Dr. Steve Petersen, associate professor of philosophy, published Composition as Pattern in Philosophical Studies.  read on →

Dr. Glazier Co-Writes Article With Colleague

Dr. Virginia Glazier, assistant professor of biology, co-authored Transcription Factor Network Efficiency in the Regulation of Candida Albicans Biofilms: It is a Small World in Current Genetics with Dr. Damian Krysan from University of Iowa.  read on →

Dr. Harmon Co-Authors Article With Colleague

Dr. Talia Harmon, professor of criminology and criminal justice, co-authored Lethal Rejection: An Empirical Analysis of the Astonishing Plunge in Death Sentences in the United States From Their Post-Furman Peak in Albany Law Review with David McCord, professor of law at Drake University Law... read on →

Dr. Barnwell Publishes Article

Dr. Michael Barnwell, associate professor of philosophy, published Why Can’t the Devil Get a Second Chance? A Hidden Contradiction in Anselm’s Account of the Devil’s Fall in The Saint Anselm Journal. read on →

Drs. Rivera and Lauger Co-Author Article With Colleague

Dr. Craig Rivera and Dr. Timothy Lauger, associate professors of criminology & criminal justice, co-authored "Religiosity, Marijuana Use, and Binge Drinking: A Test of the Moral Community Hypothesis" in Sociology of Religion with Michael A Cretacci from Buffalo State College. Here is the... read on →

Dr. Sirianni Co-Authors Article With Colleagues

Dr. Joseph Sirianni, assistant professor of communication studies, published Adopting Computer-Based Assessments: The Role of Perceived Value in Classroom Technology Acceptance in Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies with Yu Jie Ng of Nanyang Technological University,... read on →

Dr. Boxer Publishes Paper

Dr. Laurence Boxer, professor of computer & information sciences, recently published The Saukas-Song Selection Algorithm and Coarse Grained Parallel Sorting in arXiv. read on →

Dr. Goacher Co-Authors Two Articles With NU Alumni

Dr. Robyn Goacher, associate professor of chemistry, has co-authored two peer-reviewed articles with Niagara University alumni. She wrote Comparison of Three Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Sampling Techniques for Distinction between Lignocellulose Samples with Mohit Gogna... read on →

Dr. Petersen Publishes Book Chapter

Dr. Steve Petersen, associate professor of philosophy, published "Superintelligence as Superethical" in Robot Ethics 2.0.  read on →

Dr. Radatz and Colleague Publish Article

Dr. Dana Radatz, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice, co-authored The Criminogenic and Noncriminogenic Treatment Needs of Intimate Partner Violence Offenders in International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology with N. Zoe Hilton from University of... read on →