COAS Faculty Research News

Dr. Glazier Co-Writes Article With Colleague

Dr. Virginia Glazier, assistant professor of biology, co-authored Transcription Factor Network Efficiency in the Regulation of Candida Albicans Biofilms: It is a Small World in Current Genetics with Dr. Damian Krysan from University of Iowa.  read on →

Dr. Harmon Co-Authors Article With Colleague

Dr. Talia Harmon, professor of criminology and criminal justice, co-authored Lethal Rejection: An Empirical Analysis of the Astonishing Plunge in Death Sentences in the United States From Their Post-Furman Peak in Albany Law Review with David McCord, professor of law at Drake University Law... read on →

Dr. Barnwell Publishes Article

Dr. Michael Barnwell, associate professor of philosophy, published Why Can’t the Devil Get a Second Chance? A Hidden Contradiction in Anselm’s Account of the Devil’s Fall in The Saint Anselm Journal. read on →

Drs. Rivera and Lauger Co-Author Article With Colleague

Dr. Craig Rivera and Dr. Timothy Lauger, associate professors of criminology & criminal justice, co-authored "Religiosity, Marijuana Use, and Binge Drinking: A Test of the Moral Community Hypothesis" in Sociology of Religion with Michael A Cretacci from Buffalo State College. Here is the... read on →

Dr. Sirianni Co-Authors Article With Colleagues

Dr. Joseph Sirianni, assistant professor of communication studies, published Adopting Computer-Based Assessments: The Role of Perceived Value in Classroom Technology Acceptance in Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies with Yu Jie Ng of Nanyang Technological University,... read on →

Dr. Boxer Publishes Paper

Dr. Laurence Boxer, professor of computer & information sciences, recently published The Saukas-Song Selection Algorithm and Coarse Grained Parallel Sorting in arXiv. read on →

Dr. Goacher Co-Authors Two Articles With NU Alumni

Dr. Robyn Goacher, associate professor of chemistry, has co-authored two peer-reviewed articles with Niagara University alumni. She wrote Comparison of Three Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Sampling Techniques for Distinction between Lignocellulose Samples with Mohit Gogna... read on →

Dr. Petersen Publishes Book Chapter

Dr. Steve Petersen, associate professor of philosophy, published "Superintelligence as Superethical" in Robot Ethics 2.0.  read on →

Dr. Radatz and Colleague Publish Article

Dr. Dana Radatz, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice, co-authored The Criminogenic and Noncriminogenic Treatment Needs of Intimate Partner Violence Offenders in International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology with N. Zoe Hilton from University of... read on →

Dr. Steiner and NU Alumnus Co-Author Article With Colleague

Dr. Walter Steiner, associate professor of biology, co-authored Sequence requirement of the ade6-4095 meiotic recombination hotspot in Schizosaccharomyces pombe in Genetica with NU alumnus Steven Foulis and Kyle Fowler, a PhD candidate at University of California, San Francisco. read on →

Dr. Keller Edits Book and Contributes Chapter

Dr. John Keller, associate professor of philosophy, edited the book, Being, Freedom, & Method: Themes from the Philosophy of Peter Van Inwagen, and wrote the chapter, "Philosophical Individualism." read on →

Dr. Burt Thompson Co-Authors Article With NU Student and NU Alumna

Dr. Burt Thompson, professor of psychology, recently published Comparing the Defendant to Images of the Culprit: Interpreting Results of Mock Witness Filler-Control Tests in Applied Cognitive Psychology. His co-authors are NU senior Taylor Moody and NU alumna Miranda Lauher.  read on →

Dr. Bennett Publishes Second Book

Dr. Brian Bennett, professor of religious studies, has published his second book, Sacred Languages of the World: An Introduction. Niagara University Library also has a three-user license to the electronic book in Ebook Central.  read on →

Dr. Mason Co-Authors Three Articles With NU Alumni

Dr. Susan Mason, professor of psychology, recently co-authored three articles with NU alumni.She co-wrote Age and Gender Differences in Participation Rates, Motivators for, and Barriers to Exercise in Modern Psychological Studies with Margot Hickey, Ethical Issues and Attitudes Towards Euthanasia... read on →

Dr. Radatz Co-Authors Book Chapter With Colleague

Dr. Dana Radatz, assistant professor of criminology & criminal justice, co-wrote the chapter "Victims in Criminological Theory" in Routledge Handbook on Victims' Issues in Criminal Justice with Dr. Tusty ten Bensel from University of Arkansas at Little Rock.    read on →