87 Streaming Videos Added to Films on Demand

  • November 8, 2023

Our streaming video database Films on Demand has recently added 87 films to its collection. View the whole list, or check out the highlights below (PurplePass login required if you are off-campus). 

How Not to Do Counseling: 13 Things to Try and Avoid

Designed for students of counseling and psychotherapy, this video examines what to avoid when talking to clients.

Mastering the Art of Information Literacy (series)

This series teaches students how to critically review information presented and become masters at evaluating information in books, online, in the news, and information generated by AI.

Science Friction

Those TV documentaries you see, and the science experts they feature? Did you know that producers often deceptively edit them and twist their words, to make them say the opposite of what they actually said? Science Friction sets the record straight.