70 Streaming Videos Added to Films on Demand

  • September 14, 2023

Our streaming video database Films on Demand has recently added 70 new films to it. View the whole list, or check out the highlights below (PurplePass login required if you are off-campus). 

Translating Medicine

For many immigrants, a mastery of everyday English doesn’t mean they feel comfortable in all settings, like doctors’ offices. That’s where medical interpreters play a crucial role.

Sleep Paralysis and the Phenomenon of the Shadow People

Millions of people suffer from the curious condition known as sleep paralysis. Not being able to move or speak after waking, many have also reported seeing otherworldly phenomena while in this state.

Levelling Lincoln

Through interviews and historical footage, Leveling Lincoln explores the landmark 1961 desegregation case of Taylor vs. Board of Education of New Rochelle, NY where an entire elementary school had to be torn down to achieve a level playing field in education.