75 Streaming Videos Added to Films on Demand

  • June 2, 2021

Our streaming video database Films on Demand has added 75 new films to its collection in May. View the whole list, or check out the highlights below (PurplePass login required if you are off-campus).

Mars 2020

NASA launches its most ambitious hunt for traces of life on Mars, landing a rover in a rocky, ancient river delta. The rover will stow samples for possible return to Earth and test technology that may pave the way for human travel to Mars.

Secrets in Our DNA

Millions have sent their DNA to be analyzed by private companies, which are revealing customers' ancestry and family connections, and reporting health risks. But what are the pitfalls and unintended consequences of sharing genetic data? 

The Lives Of Jesus

Filmed in India, Europe and the Middle East, this series searches for the real Jesus. It is a quest which encompasses millions inside and outside the Christian church, including Jews, Muslims and the many 'post-Christians' who became disillusioned. Jesus is seen as a man/god, a teacher, a rebel and a Jew, as Jesus and the origins of Christianity are examined in the light of crucial discoveries about his world, including new gospels.