209 Streaming Videos Added to Films on Demand

  • January 6, 2021

Our streaming video database Films on Demand recently added 209 new films to its collection. View the whole list, or check out the highlights below (PurplePass login required if you are off-campus).

Building a Movement


During the 2018 midterms, women of color run for political office in record numbers. Candidates and organizers mobilize to expand the electorate, inspire voters to turn out and make history in the process.

900 6

White Holes

Lurking in the depths of the mathematics of Einstein's general relativity is an object even stranger than the mysterious black hole. In fact it's the black hole's mirror twin, the white hole. Some even think that these could be the origin of our universe.

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Decoding COVID-19

How do you stop a contagious killer microbe? Scientists around the globe are racing to uncover the secrets of the coronavirus behind the COVID-19 pandemic--and using revolutionary techniques to develop lifesaving treatments and vaccines.